Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reading Can Be Dangerous

It's Summer now. I can tell because everyone has started greeting each other with, "Hot out, huh?" Instead of the customary "Hello."

Due to my family's history of multiple sclerosis (a disease that gets less prevalent the closer you get to the equator), I have been urged to spend more time outside encouraging production of Vitamin D. So about a month ago, I realized I could read manuscripts out at the park just as easily as I could indoors by my computer, with the help of my Kindle.

Twice now, I've gotten sunburn because I was too engrossed in reading to realize how long I had been sitting out. (I'm supposed to go about half an hour before I put on the sunscreen. Doctor's orders.) One of these burns led to a new client. (Hi, Nikki!)

Yesterday I got burned again. It's all on my back due to my hunched over reading position. I've spent the day trying to slather post-sun lotion and aloe on my back. I'm glad no one had a camera for that comedy.

I tell you this, dear reader, so you will know it is actually a compliment if I email you and say that you got me sunburned.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I just agreed to participate in AgentFest on July 12, 2012. More info about AgentFest (which is a part of the awesome ThrillerFest) can be found here.

Then it is off to PNWA as previously announced! I am going to be tired. Send me nap vibes.

Monday, June 11, 2012


My totally awesome client, Dale Lucas, has agreed to give away a copy of his novel DOC VOODOO: ACES AND EIGHTS to one lucky reader of my blog. I'm excited. I really think Dale is a talent and I want his awesome writing to reach more people.

DOC VOODOO: ACES AND EIGHTS was published by Beating Windward Press in late 2011. Here's how the publisher describes it: Jam-packed with mobsters, mystery, magic and mayhem, Dale Lucas offers a new twist on the action-hero and a love letter to classic pulp fiction like no other. Harlem, 1926: The First World War is still The Great War. Jazz is new and always in the air. Booze is black market and the market is worth killing over. As the West Indies and the Harlem Knights wage a bloody turf war in Harlem, the Irish, Italian and Jewish mobs circle like sharks and a helpless community bleeds. But one of Harlem's darkest denizens has been called by the old gods in answer to the people's prayers for help. He stalks Harlem's night as a skull-faced, gun-toting, supernaturally-powered avenger that the people call the Cemetary Man... the Witch Doctor... the Dread Baron... But you can just call him Doc Voodoo. In Doc Voodoo: Aces & Eights, The Queen Bee controls the speakeasies, brothels and numbers rackets in north Harlem; Papa House controls the south. As the Queen Bee puts the final touches on her new night club, Papa House makes his move to take over all of Harlem, declaring war. However Doc Voodoo is out to maintain peace, prosperity, and autonomy for the residents of Harlem. Navigating a minefield of gang rivalries, political corruption, and black magic, Doc Voodoo lays down a new law in Harlem, dispensing two-fisted justice with a heaping helping of hot lead!

DOC VOODOO has received rave reviews from SF Site, as well as authors Ron Fortier and Charles Saunders. Fortier called it "as good a pulp actioner as any other there on the market today"!

So if you are interested in pulp novels, just comment on this post and one lucky winner will be chosen at random. The winner will be able to chose what format they want to receive: trade paperback, Kindle, nook,Kobo, iPad, and some others. 

ETA: Oops. Forgot to mention. Contest will end exactly ONE WEEK from date of this post.

Friday, June 8, 2012


BEA is over for another year. I made it through, though my feet and shoulders are sore. I wish I could share all the cool ARCs and swag I got with my readers. Alas I cannot. So instead I'll share a silly picture.

Penguin was doing this to promote REACHED the third book in Ally Condie's MATCHED trilogy. I'm not the agent on these. I haven't even read the second book yet. Eeek. But I love me a silly picture.

I'm trapped in a glass case of emotion!

... Actually I am not. Couldn't even tough the bubble. ACTING! /Jon Lovitz

I also have a picture with my head on YEAR OF LIVING BIBLICALLY which I wish I could find for times I'm dispensing important information.  

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


On Friday, I'll be at the LIRW luncheon (details). I should've thought to mention this before registration closed. But if you are coming please come say hi!

Monday, June 4, 2012


It's the most wonderful time of the year! ... No, not Christmas; BEA!

BEA stands for Book Expo America. It's the week when all publishing people make a pilgrimage to the Jacob K. Javits Center waaaaay on the West Side of Manhattan. We met, we try to get free books, we wait an hour for a coffee at the one Starbucks. Mostly we complain about the Javits Center. (It is too far. The food is expensive. The a/c doesn't work/works too well.)

Everyone is there. Publishers you never heard of are there. Authors are doing signings to promote their books. All are trying to hand you a flyer or button or promotional material. You want to see everything but that would take four lifetimes.

The first year I went, I got so much free stuff that my bag cut into my shoulder from the weight. It's my BEA war wound.

Now I just try to make lots of appointments, put my head down and elbows out and try to make my way through the crowd to get to them. He who has the sharpest elbows, wins.