Saturday, March 16, 2013

Writers Conference Tips

Since I'm thinking about writers conferences, these are my top five tips for surviving a conference. Good for newbies and oldbies alike!

1.  Keep an Open Mind. You're paying to hear other people talk, so maybe you should hear them out. Also, things might not go exactly as planned but that doesn't mean it's bad.

2. Make New Friends. Cons are a great chance to meet other writers and form support groups.

3.  Bring a Notebook. So you can take notes or jot down story ideas.

4. Wear the Right Shoes. The temptation to wear dressy shoes to "be professional" is high. Opt for something comfortable (or magical) instead.

5. Don't Give Me Things. Remember that literary agents are like Tony Stark, we don't like to be handed things. (If we took manuscripts, fliers, or doodads from everyone we'd need new luggage.) Take a card and email me later.


  1. So true. No uncomfortable shoes! I don't what to scowl when I'm talking to an agent! Thanks for the post.

  2. Thank you, Emily,
    Next month I'm headed to a writers' conference, and I’ll heed your advice.
    Heather Villa