Monday, March 5, 2012


I've got several books out on submission. The waiting is killing me, so I need to blog to distract myself. I'm never really sure what to blog about. If you have suggestions or questions, please comment with them because I am at a loss. A lot.

Anyway, today I got a query with attached cover image. It was actually rather nice looking for a homemade cover. I'd almost rather it be the ugliest thing in the world (which does happen occasionally with queries). See, unless you are a very powerful famous author, you aren't going to have any approval over your cover image. I can't think of any debut authors who've even had cover consultation (meaning input but not the final say) in their contract.

You might think this is is mean and terrible. How dare publishers not consult you? But the truth is that they have very talented, and lovely people who make covers for a living. Sometimes these people miss the mark and that is always unfortunate when a cover is bad. But it's never an author's fault that a cover is bad, because--again--author's don't have control over that.

Sending me a cover image with your query only shows me that you don't know how the industry works. Which means I'd have to explain it to you (downside) and that you have wasted your time (downside x2).


  1. Its a control thing. Some of us want the last word in everything that is personal. Others want to control the universe. Or maybe just their writing universe. All I want world peace. And I can think of a great cover for that idea.

  2. This is exactly why I like your blog - getting the insider's scoop! I always thought writers helped pick their own covers. BTW, Emily, you inspired me to start my own blog ( I love it! Another to express yourself creatively.

  3. This is something that I was rather disappointed to hear! I have covers for my trilogy, and I love them. I created them to be 'one step ahead', but have received some interest from my queries. So I may not be able to use them--or should I say, I hope I won't have to. lol. It's a great thing, to get signed and then published. But losing the little things, like the cover you love, is always a stickler.

  4. I actually did get a say for the cover of my Christmas booklet. I haven't seen the final image but I have seen a preliminary and it will be fabulous. My publisher is a small independent publisher. I guess the choice is more say or more pay. lol This particular story is a labor of love so I don't mind.